Tuesday, May 3, 2011

In Which I Am Freaked Out. And Also, I Am Old.

One day last week, my oldest daughter came home from school with paperwork to fill out her course selections for school next year.  We have done this twice already, but this year, she's entering high school.

Last night we attended an open house at the school she will be attending.

To understand why this is freaking me out so much, you need a little back story.

I grew up in a small town in south west Georgia.  I didn't attend the "large" public school.  Instead, my parents opted to send me to the local private school.

My graduating class was made up of 36 students.  The school enrollment (K~12) was a little over 400 students.

Everyone knew everyone.  And their mama and daddy.  And where their grandparents lived.  And what their dogs' names were. 

It was small and safe.  The biggest discipline threat was, "I'm going to have to call your daddy."  Parents were involved with their kids and with the school.

I readily admit I was both spoiled and sheltered.

Three of my nephews and one niece attend my old school.  Some of their teachers were my teachers back in the day.  Many of their teachers were my school mates.

When I visit and have the opportunity to go to football games or school functions, I can look at the kids and know who their parents are.

Now I live on the outskirts of a city with over a million residents.

My daughter will be attending the high school my husband went to. 

When we arrived for the open house, which was my first time on campus, he was pointing out things to us and using words like 'main campus, east campus, west campus'. 

My school had the elementary building and the junior high/high school building.

He talked about how much time she would have to get from one class to the next and how, on rainy days, it would be difficult because everyone would be crowded under the covered walkways. 

We only left our building to go to PE or lunch.

So, I was feeling a little freaked out before the program even started.  This school is HUGE.  And also, how is it possible that I have a child old enough for high school?

I have to say, I loved everything the principal and other teachers had to say.  They all seem to care about their students and have programs in place to help them succeed.  This school has 20 A/P classes that count as college credit.  And my daughter, who has not always been a go-getter, is showing interest in those already.

Then, when one of the speakers announced that the projected enrollment for next year is 1800 students, my heart stopped for a minute.  I looked at my husband, who also looked shocked. 

He said, "Did he say 1800?" 


Then he said, "That's it?"

Seriously? EIGHTEEN HUNDRED KIDS?  And he's saying, "That's it?"

Apparently enrollment was twice that when he was there.

I think I aged a few more years right then and there.

After I got home I thought about how old I'll be when Baby Girl starts high school. 

I'm betting people will think I'm her grandma!


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