Monday, May 9, 2011

My Mothers' Day

 First of all, I have to note that I still can't find my memory card reader or the USB cord for my camera.  Therefore, I am still only able to post crappy cell phone pictures.
I am getting frustrated about not being able to find my stuff.
I even offered The Tween $1 if she could find either item.
She's normally coin operated, but even she gave up.

On to Mothers' Day.

I awoke to breakfast in bed:
Scrambled eggs prepared by The Teen.
Toast with Nutella.
Sweet Tea.

Next the kiddos presented me with their version of a Mothers' Day card.
A poem and pictures on their white board.
My big girls LOVE writing on a white board.
The poem:

Mother you do everything for us.
So we don't starve you make us dinner.
I now present to you a breakfast made from just a beginner.

Too cute, right?

Other notes:

Thank you so much for making my life safe. (The Tween)

Thanks for all the stuff u put up with. (The Teen)

Who's hand is that on the left, you ask?

She was so cute sitting there, holding that board like it was all her idea.

After my breakfast and a choreographed dance by the big girls, The Hubby took all four kids to the zoo for a few hours so I could have some time alone. 

It was heavenly.

Don't get me wrong, I adore my kids, but I am a SAHM.  I am with them 24/7.  I needed some time to recoup.

They got home late in the afternoon, then The Hubby picked up takeout from Sonny's, and we went to his mom's for dinner.

The men and kids set up the food and cleaned up after we ate.

The moms sat on the screened porch and did a whole bunch of nothing.

When we got home, The Hubby pointed out that he had to be at work at 4:00 am and that his clothes weren't clean.

Thus ended my day.

But it was perfect while it lasted!

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