Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Best Compliment Ever

I know many of you who show up to read what I post here are mothers of young children.  I sort of feel like I have two separate families.  My younger two, and the older two.  I'm sure to some, we look like a blended family.  Like maybe the older two were from my first marriage or something.

For those who only have younger kids, I know exactly what you are going through. 

I know how hard it is to deal with young kids all day, every day. 

There's the terrible twos and temper tantrums. 

Potty training and deciphering the babble of a kid just learning to talk. 

There's breast feeding and diaper changing. 

There are sleepless nights, teething babies and messes everywhere you look.

Those of you who only have younger kids may not want to read the next sentence.


In the pre-teen and teenage years there are so many bigger picture things to worry about. 

Are they making the right kinds of friends? 

Are they making the right decisions? 

Are we being overly protective or not protective enough? 

When is it time to let them stand on their own instead of holding them up? 

I think every parent fears that they aren't doing their job to the best of their ability.  I know I have those fears from time to time.

Today, I was talking to The Teen about a friend of hers when she said, "I don't think her mom is very responsible." 

When I asked what she meant by that, she said, "Well, she's not home very much, and when she is home she leaves after a few minutes.  When (insert friend's name here) asks her where she's going, she says she's going out with her friends."

And then.


She added, "I don't realize how good my parents are until I go to a friends' house, then I'm like, okay, I want to go home now."


That's all I have to say.  Now I need to go find the tissues.



Pajama Mama said...

Yes and amen.

Karrie said...

Well! How insightful and I would take that as a huge compliment as well! Good job momma! Raising a child that notices these things and knows how to articulate her thoughts in such a respectful way!