Thursday, May 12, 2011


*  I bought some fresh basil at Publix yesterday afternoon.  I took one whiff and said, "Basil makes me happy."  Then I thought, "Hey, I should add that to my Love List."  Then I realized it already holds the number four spot on the list.  So I guess I really love fresh basil.  A lot.

*  I went to a thirty~one party last night, and now I'm considering becoming a consultant.  Anyone out there who has any knowledge of this company, please let me know what you think!

*  I'm having my very first mammogram this afternoon.  Yes, I should have already had several.  I kept planning to, then I kept getting pregnant.  The ladies at the party last night got into a conversation about all the women they know who have breast cancer, including one who was given three weeks to live....three weeks ago.  I am now a little freaked. 
Pray for me!

*  Baby Girl had a fever Tuesday and yesterday morning.  My first instinct was to call the doctor and take her in to have her ears checked.  She and The Boy have been passing a cold back and forth for a few weeks now, so an ear infection is definitely possible.  But by last night, the fever was gone, and she seems fine now.

*  Along with the fever came some nasty green poop which made me very grateful that the hubby never took his dress shirt from Easter out of my car.  He had changed into shorts when we got to his mom's after church.  I sat through The Boy's speech therapy session wearing my husband's shirt and feeling the need to explain myself to each person who entered the lobby.

*  I guess I'm going to have to go buy a new card reader.  I hate buying things I know I have but just can't fine.  But I also hate not being able to upload any of my pictures!

*  After today, my big girls have 18 days of school until summer vacation.  Not that any of us are counting or anything!

*  It's now nap time for the baby, and then I have to set up The Boy's bowling pins for the 456th time today while stressing about my mammogram!


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