Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Love List 11~20

To read about why I'm composing a list of at least 230 things I love, go here.

11.  Bon Jovi (Jon is my boyfriend).
12. The zoo.
13.  Movie nights.
14.  Steak cooked on the grill by my husband or my daddy.  (I'm picky...most restaurants don't get it right.)
15.  Knowing My Nephew has been here and liked what he saw! :)
16.  Magnolias.
17.  Cooking for my family.
18.  Flip flops.
19.  Hearing my nine year old telling her little brother to leave her alone because she's stressed. Really?  And really cracking up when she asks me what stressed means!
20.  Sonic Vanilla Coke.  Especially during Happy Hour.


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