Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Where Is You?

The Boy's speech therapist has asked that we work with him on his pronouns.  Personally, I think it's adorable when he says, "Me need a go potty", or "Where us going, Mommy?"  But I understand that he needs to learn the correct way to speak to other people. 

Frankly, it just does not feel comfortable or natural for me to have him repeat his sentences using the correct pronouns, so I was a little relieved to realize we had accidentally stumbled upon a game that was helping him with his pronoun issues.

You see, The Boy asks a million questions each and every day.  Some of his questions are legitimate.  Others, not so much.  A typical conversation goes something like this:

"You Mommy?"
"Yes, I'm Mommy."
"You my mommy?"
"Yes, I'm your mommy."
"You home, Mommy?"
"Yes, I'm home."

The other night, I finally got a little tired of that game, so I replied by telling him that no, I was not home.  I was at the beach, then at Nana's house, then at the store, and so on.

He really got a kick out of that, so now he asks me where I am several times a day, or an hour.

"Mommy, where is you?"
"Where am I?  I am at the zoo. Where are you?"
"Me is at the zoo, too.  Where is you?"
"I am at the North Pole having a snowball fight with Santa. Where are you?"
"I am at Grandma's.  Where are you?"

It takes a while for him to get his pronouns right, and he usually slips right back into his normal vocabulary, but the really cool thing is when he gets it right, he doesn't even realize he has said anything different.  It is starting to come to him naturally.

Now I just have to keep the creative part of my brain going strong.  I'm running out of places to visit!


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